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Copag marked cards

Copag luminous marked cards

Marked cards pathfinder developed a new invisible ink recipe to mark the luminous ink mark on the Copag playing cards, which let the infrared contact lenses to read the ink marking only, the naked eyes wont have chance to read anything.

Bicycle ultimate deck

Bicycle ultimate marked deck

There is new invisible ink for Bicycle playing cards, which can make perfect ultimate marked deck. Whenever you have interest on the poker strategy, you can find Contact Lenses Marked Cards for the most suitable solution.

Infrared Modiano Poker

Infrared Modiano marked cards

How to mark cards with an invisible luminous pen? Many poker players or magician want to compare the different of the marking the infrared marked playing cards and the UV juiced cards. After we use the infrared invsible ink to printe the cards, if we should use infrared contact lenses or the infrared poker camera to read the infrared maked playing cards? You can get more cards marking information from the marked cards pathfinder.

Invisible ink Fournier cards

Fournier invisible ink marked cards

Fournier invisible ink marked cards has good reputation for clear luminous ink mark, it can be read by the playing cards scanner very fast, that makes poker analyzer can react the poker winner rapidly.

Poker Analyzer iPhone

Poker analyzer iPhone

What is the poker analyzer iPhone? It is for predictor the Texas holdem winner by scanning the bacode marked playing cards. Does the iPhone can read the normal playing cards with the hidden camera? Yes, just install a poker scanner app inside the iPhone, it can help to read the regular playing cards which has no invisibl ink mark. 

PK King Poker Analyzer

PK King Poker Analyzer

The PK KING poker analyzer device works with card scanner machine and barcode marked cards can help you get the whole poker calculator odds from texas holdem poker game. We are one of best poker analyzer earpiece factory in China and we can offer you high-tech and cheap poker analyzer earpiece anytime. 

AKK poker scanning analyzer

AKK poker scanning analyzer

How to mark the playing cards for the AKK poker analyzer scanning camera to read? And how to set the Texas holdem and Omaha game in the AKK poker odds calculator? Contact Lenses Marked Cards will give you the detailed instruction.

CVK poker scanning system

CVK poker analyzer for sale

CVK poker analyzer has poker card scanner software inside, which can scan any types of the invisible ink barcode deck, and can connect with the one to one spy earpiece to receive the winning hands.

X RAY contact lenses

X RAY contact lenses

What is the most convenient poker cheating device in the market nowadays? Spy invisible playing cards xray contact lenses would be the preferred products, as the xray function can read the any types of the ink marked playing cards.

Marked Cards Sunglasses

glasses that see through the playing cards

Marked cards sunglasses which has the same function as the luminous ink glasses, that can see through playing cards, this type of invisible ink kits no need partner, which is very simple to operate. 

Shuffler Poker Scanner

Shuffler poker scanning camera

If you cannot make luminous ink at home for marking the regular playing cards, why not choose a poker scanning camera system which can let you know the texas holdem winner directly? The Shuffler playing cards camera will never let you down.

Infrared Poker Camera

Infrared Poker Camera

The hidden infrared camera lens can be installed inside the sullivance camera, and it can be used to read the infrared ink marked playing cards in the pravite poker club and casino. Which is the perfect anti poker cheating device.

Remote Control Dice

Remote control dice

Where has the best quality remote control dice for sale? Does the remote control dice is non magnetic or with magnetic? Contact Lenses Marked Cards can give the detailed informaiton on this dice trick device.

Invisible ink Rummy

Invisible ink mark on Rummy

What is the luminous ink kit? The absotely answer is marked cards which applying the luminous ink and the contact lenses. The luminous marked cards and lenses kit plays a important role in the magic show and anti poker cheating.

Wireless Spy Earphone

Spy Earphone for poker analyzer

Normally the all kinds of poker analyzer device can speak the winner result by itself. But during the poker game, if the poker odd calculator speaks the winning hands loudly, it will be found by other poker players. Which means when you heard who got the best hand, so does the rest of the people in the poker room.

Baccarat Predictor APP

Baccarat predictor app for poker camera

Baccarat game is popular all over the world. If there is any poker tricks on the Baccarat game, barccarat predictor to read the luminous marked cards would be a good option. For how to use the baccarat device? You can get more instruction from the Baccarat device kit supplier.

Poker Magic Tool

Wallet poker magic tool

Wallet can hold cash and cards is well known common sense. Do you know it can also be a magic tool to exchange the normal playing cards? The speed is very fast that people barely notice of the cards changing processes.

Invisible Ink Marker Pen

Invisible Ink Marker Pen

How to make the invisible ink mark at home? This way can mark the playing cards at spot when needs. There is invisible ink recipe can make the perfect luminous ink pen marker.

Marked Domino

luminous ink Domino

Domino with invisible ink mark on and side and the infrared contact lenses is perfect luminouis ink kit for the Domino game.

Button poker scanner

Button smart playing cards scanner

Button poker scanner can offer you the best infrared scanner definition and help you do casino card tricks. The best button poker card scanner software together with poker analyzer iphone capable of detecting the poker hand odds of ultra luminous marked cards in casino game.




1) What kind of marked playing cards do we have?

There are back invisible ink marked cards for infrared contact lenses or luminous reader sunglasses, barcode marked playing cards for poker analyzer camera, infrared juice cards for infrared camera, ultimate marked deck for naked eyes.

Some of playing cards was printed with luminous ink on back of decks, while part of poker cards was printed with bar code ink on four sides deck of cards.

Any brand of marked poker cards are available: Modiano playing cards, Fournier juiced poker, Copag marked cards poker, Bicycle marked deck, Gemaco marked cards, Da Vinci marked poker cards, KEM cheat poker, Bee juice marked cards and so on.

2) How to mark cards with luminous ink kits?

For this, it is better for you to mark cards with poker printer. Our professional printing technicians are engaged in producing magic invisible ink and poker printer for more than 10 years. So it is reliable for you to choose us - A professional marked cards TEAM! Besides, you can mark cards with an invisible luminous pen. We have different invisible ink recipe for different brand of playing cards.

3) What's the poker card readers suitable for back marked deck and barcode marked cards?

In order to read the card marking ink on back of invisible ink marked decks, you should wear the luminous glasses, luminous ink contact lenses.

While the invisible ink on barcode marked cards just can be detected by poker scanning system. Poker scanner work with poker analyzer device can help you predict the poker hand odds, which can indicate the winning hands directly.

Marked cards contact lenses kit is very convenient to control by oneself only, no need a magic assistant.

4) What is the delivery time and shipping methods of goods?

We have got a very special rate from the many international shipping express company. You can choose the shipping method according to your demand, such as TNT, FedEx, DHL, UPS, EMS, USPS. No matter the economy shipping way is needed, or the fast shipping service is required. We have the cooperated shipping company to meet your requirement.

About US

We are one of excellent casino device supplier which own more than 10 years experience with good reputation in China. Contactlensemarkedcards mainly supply for various types of playing cards cheating devices for magic show and Texas Holdem poker game. We keep doing our utmost to provide you the top quality items and best customer service.

Here we are engaged in producing different types of card cheating devices, such as invisible ink marked cards, luminous ink contact lenses, poker scanner, poker scanning analyzer, infrared poker camera, dice cheating device, marked dominoes.

If you want any types of poker tracking software, please do not hesitate to contact us. Welcome to contact us anytime, then we will reply us within 8 hours.